Light Trails at New York New York

Las Vegas, Nevada

July 6, 201619.5 mm: ISO 200: f/16: 40.0 secs.

I live in Las Vegas, but I rarely make it down to the Strip. There can be a lot of good photo opportunities down there, but it is a mess of traffic, parking and tourists to get through.  On this night, I headed down there to test out a bag from Barbershop Bags.

After shooting some street photography, I wanted to find a place to get some good light trails.  I wanted a new place I hadn’t done before so I headed over to the pedestrian bridge on the south side of MGM Grand.  It turned out to be a pretty tough location.  The high fence did not have openings big enough to shoot through so I had to go to the edge of the bridge by the escalator.  Unfortunately, this meant I was stuck with a chunk of boring foreground and less light trails, but it was a good view of New York New York.

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