La Boqueria Market #1

Barcelona, Spain

January 3, 201722.4 mm: ISO 500: f/10: 1/60

I have a whole set of images from the La Boqueria food market in Barcelona.  It was just down the street from our hotel so we decided to try it out for dinner our first night.  It was not the best for trying to get a meal as there was nowhere to sit with kids so we decided to go sit down in a gelato shop to eat with the promise that we would buy some gelato after we ate.  The owner seemed a little wary at first, but was fine with it once he understood.

As you can tell, the lighting was horrendous in this place, but the subjects were awesome.  I would have loved to use a flash to light this lady as there was so much contrast between her and the food, but you can see she was not very pleased with me even without the flash so I didn’t want to test her.

Gear Used:

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