Kanarra Creek Canyon

Kanarraville, Utah

November 6, 2015Kanarra Creek 76 hdr pano18 mm: ISO 200: f/14: 4.0 sec.

This slot canyon requires a couple mile hike to reach and is only a few hundred yards long, but it is well worth the visit (besides the great canyon, there is a waterfall (images coming soon) at the end).

I faced two problems in capturing this image.  First, there were harsh shadows and light differences throughout the frame.  Second, I wanted the entire canyon and the rocks in focus.  To solve these problems, I employed hdr and focus stacking.  The result is an 15-image compilation.  The distribution is kind of tricky.  First, it is a 3-image vertical panorama.  In the bottom two images, I took two different exposures with different focal points.  Finally, each exposure was a 3 image hdr.  I also adjusted the exposure down on the top image where there was more light coming into the canyon.  I hope to prepare some tutorials soon discussing each of these methods.

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