Instagrammer’s Guide to Las Vegas-Best Photo Spots

Going to Las Vegas and want to fill your Instagram with amazing images from all the best places in the city?  I have interviewed locals, of which I am also one, consulted with experienced visitors to Vegas and scoured Instagram and the web to compile all the best places to get your picture taken in Las Vegas.  Please feel free to comment and let me know if we missed any gems.


The Venetian Gondoliers

Nobody is going to confuse the gondoliers at the Venetian for those in Venice.  That doesn’t mean they don’t make for a great selfie.  If you don’t want to spring for an actual gondola ride where you can take a picture in the boat, you can capture a great image from many points around the water.  Bonus if you can capture some great evening light on the buildings like  Justyna did below.

instagrammers guide to las vegas

Inside a Casino

A trip to Sin City wouldn’t be complete without capturing a shot sitting at a slot machine in one of the many big casinos.  While you don’t need to gamble away all your money, it is a shot that adds some bright colors and interest to your Instagram feed, as shown  by @kamiya_ in the image below!
selfie spots, instagram guide to las vegas

The Luxor

The Luxor is large black pyramid on the Strip.  Unsurprisingly, it features an Egyptian theme.  In front of the casino is a giant sphinx, which makes a great backdrop for a photo.  Nobody will mistake it for the real thing, but the bright colors add some pop.

I love this different view from Carlos Perez below.  While you lose the pyramid in the background, the sphinx becomes more prominent and the other little statues are great too.


The Vegas Showgirls

Walking along the strip, there are characters all over begging for money in exchange for a photo opportunity.  I usually am not a big fan of these, but they can be great for an Instagram feed.  If you are in Vegas, why not go with the famous Vegas Showgirls rather than some random character.

In the image below, the beautiful Kate, all the way from Poland, captured a perfect pose with two showgirls in front of the Bellagio.  Check out those heels!

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

A block or two south of the Mandalay Bay is the famous Welcome to Vegas sign.  There is usually a decent line to get a turn posing in front of the sign, but at least means you get to take the picture you want without a bunch of people in the background trying to get the same shot at the same time.

Popular Instagrammer Taylor Gasser shows us how its done in the image below.

Fremont street

Fremont Street is the chance to get a shot with a more old-time Las Vegas feel with the old casinos and lots of glitter and lights.  But you can get so much more than that.  There are lots of street performers, a great zipline, live bands, a video-screen ceiling and much more.  You can easily get a dozen Instagram worthy shots with a little time wandering around Fremont Street.  Jessica Wood shared the below image with us.

instagram guide to las vegas

Terrace After Hours

If you are in Las Vegas to party and want some unique party shots that are way more interesting than the normal club shots, check out Terrace After Hours.  It’s a party thrown every Saturday from 2:30 am until 8:00 am.  Because it is on the roof of a building, you can get awesome and unique party shots all night long, followed by some amazing sunrise images and scenic selfies after the sun is up and you are getting ready to head back to your hotel for a nap.

Jessica Wood shared a couple of her awesome Instagram images from the party showing what you can expect.

instagram guide to las vegas

Seven Magic Mountains

The Seven Magic Mountains, just a few miles south of Las Vegas, off the freeway, is an art installation in the desert that is just a bunch of painted boulders stacked on top of each other.  Yet, you will always find it full of people posing for pictures.

You can read in this article why it is our girl’s favorite outing from our home in Vegas.

In this image below, @karinatalero shares a beautiful image with half the magic mountains stretching from the foreground to the background.

New York New York

The New York New York casino on the Strip packs all the highlights of the New York City skyline into one backdrop.  It is iconic Vegas and is a must-take portrait for anyone visiting the strip.  The trick is to get a little distance away so you can capture the whole casino in the background, like Annamaria Mandrillo did in the image below, which was taken from the front of the MGM Grand..

instragram guide to las vegas

Another great location to capture the New York New York is from across the intersection in front of the Tropicana, as shown below by Lina Persson.  This area is actually one of my favorite places to shoot on the Strip due to the opportunity to get fantastic light trails.

Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is where you find all the ancient relics of classic Vegas.  The entrance fee is a bit exorbitant in my view to explore a bunch of old signs, but it is pretty cool that the neon lights still work, which is why going at night costs a bit more.  The museum is actually quite small, but with so many different signs, you are sure to get a handful of shareable selfies.

Instagrammer @arysstacatshows off a fancy jacket with the the backdrop of great red signs during the day.

Samantha shows us what you can capture when you visit the Neon Museum at night, with the image below of the Fitzgerald’s sign.

Bellagio Fountains

The Bellagio Fountains are probably my favorite part of the Las Vegas Strip.  They are quite impressive to watch, are easy to see and don’t cost any money.  They also provide all kinds of different photo opportunities.  You can shoot from any side of the lake in front of the Bellagio and capture a different backdrop from every angle.

 theshootingcomet captured the great image below from the restaurant Lago on the lake with the fountains and the Paris in the background.

instagrammers guide to las vegas

High Roller

The High Roller is a relatively new addition to the Las Vegas Strip, but the giant Ferris wheel is a prominent landmark that can lead to some great Instagram shots.  You can capture images from the Linq with the High Roller in the background or, if you can swing taking a ride (well worth it) capture some great images from inside one of the cabins.

In the image below, Kristen Rawding shows off a picture from the Linq with the High Roller in the background.

CHANDELIER Room at the Cosmopolitan

The Chandelier Room is the famous photo backdrop inside the Cosmo hotel on the Strip. Its long hanging crystals and light are fantastic and there are great photo spots all around so you don’t have to crowd into the same spot.

Jasmine Kianfard shares a great example of what you can expect at the Chandelier Room with the stunning image below.

instagram guide to las vegas

Container Park

Downtown Container Park is a newer feature in downtown Las Vegas.  It is a bit quirky, with lots of little photo opportunities in the area.   Andrea Smith was kind enough to share one such photo spot from Container Park in the image below.

instagrammer guide to las vegas

Another image of a popular photo spot in Downtown Container Park is shown below thanks to Jules Lee.

Another image of the popular heart at Container Park is shared with us via Tina Buadaeng.

Finally, a trip to Container Park wouldn’t be complete with a shot in a container!  Photographer William Willey capture the cool image below.  You can see more of his work on Instragram or his website.

downtown container park

Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire is my favorite place near Las Vegas.  It is an amazing state park less than an hour north of Las Vegas.  You come over some innocuous desert hills to enter a fantastic valley of red rock formations.  It is well worth the visit for anyone spending more than a couple days in Las Vegas.

In the fantastic image below, photographer Lisa Mei captured her subject, peter_travel_adventures, with a view of classic road stretch between the red rock formations.  You can see more of Lisa’s images on her website.

instragram guide to las vegas

In the image below, Instagrammer @machnereise captured a stunning image showing the vastness of the landscape that stretches out from every angle beyond the Valley of Fire, showing there are truly hundreds of amazing images you can capture in a day at the Valley of Fire.

Let us know what you think and your favorite spots over on Facebook.

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