Horsetail Falls

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

July 24, 201718 mm: ISO 200: f/16: 125 secs.

Horsetail Falls is not the most photogenic falls, but it is still pretty impressive and one of the easiest falls to access in the area.  It is just off the highway west of Multnomah Falls, making it the perfect stop for my drive home from Panther Creek Falls.  The harsh morning light was just starting to appear so I found some shade and shielded the light as much as possible.  I went with a super long exposure just for fun.  I don’t love what it did the waterfall as it has absolutely no definition, but I like the vision of a waterfall this big falling into a mirror-like surface.  Maybe next time I will blend a waterfall at faster exposure into a long exposure bottom.  I am guessing it won’t look natural, but it is worth a try!

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