Hoodoo City

Zion National Park, Utah

November 4, 2015hoodoo city 9618 mm: ISO 800: f/4.5: 1/30 sec.

This view shows about half of the little area where we spent the evening shooting.  I was so eager to get down into the little valley of hoodoos, I ignored this view coming in and didn’t realize how awesome it was until we were hiking out.  By this time, I had already packed my tripod away and didn’t want to slow everyone down so I shot handheld with very little light.  I had to boost the ISO and drop the aperture down way lower than normal.  I am happy I took the image though because, despite not being able to get great settings, I really like the result.  Lesson learned is better to get a grainy image with less focal range than not get the image at all.

Gear Used:

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