Visiting Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi: Cost/Hours/Dress

I am really excited to share today’s image with you.  The stunning image below comes from Michael Moretti.  It features the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, Dubai.

What is there not to love about this image.  First, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is incredible beautiful.  I love the color scheme of the image. The whites and blue are almost monochromatic and very sleek.  Then the model and dress break the color palette and patterns, but they do it in a subdued way (as opposed to the bright red or yellow splash we see so often).  Overall, it is just an excellent composition and has so much more interest than 99 percent of the images of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

Story of the Image

Michael tells the following story behind the image:

“We went to Dubai in April and hired a private driver to take us for the day to Abu Dhabi with our first stop being the Sheikh Zayed Mosque.  We spent about 45 minutes just in this one spot to try and capture moments when there were no crowds. This mosque is incredibly busy and there are several groups coming through all of the time so it was really a challenge to take a photo and shoot video without anyone around.   The other challenge is how much light is being cast with the white building. Cameras have a very difficult time making adjustments for this but the Sony ended up doing a very good job shooting in the log format. ”

To see more of this model at beautiful Sheikh Zayed Mosque, check out the video below made by Michael Moretti.

Michael Moretti on Vimeo.

Gear used

Michael capture the image with a Sony a7s II.  With the help of a Metabones adapter, he used the Canon 16-35mm 2.8 lens.  The image was shot at 27 mm at f/2.8.

 Michael Moretti

You can find more of Michael’s work at his website or youtube channel.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

This great Mosque is located in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates.  It is the largest mosque in the country and the main place of worship for friday gathering and Eid prayers. 

The Mosque was completed in 2007 after years of construction.  For the past two years it has been ranked as the world’s second favorite landmark by TripAdvisor.

As an important Muslim cite, the dress code is important to follow.  You will obviously want to cover up (loose clothes too), but know that women visitors will likely have be given an abaya, that covers head to toe, that they must where regardless.

The Grand Mosque is open 9:00-22:00 Saturday-Thursday and 16:30-22:00 on Fridays except for Ramadan (you will want to check out the hours if you happen to be there during Ramadan).

Now for the best part.  The Grand Mosque is not only free to enter, free guided tours are also offered.



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