Gift Ideas for your Traveler/Photographer

The problem with most presents for photographers and travelers is the stuff we want isn’t cheap! I’m sharing a few cheaper items I think would make great stocking stuffers, birthday presents or anything else.

Everyone needs plenty of cloths around to keep that lens clean:

If you want to do any night photography, you need a shutter release. Just make sure to get one that matches the camera:

Wool socks are more exciting than they sound. I found this out hiking in Zion National Park as I learned wool socks keep your feet warm even after they are wet. This is invaluable when hiking through water.

You can never run out of memory cards. Make sure you get class 10 in a respectable brand. I prefer Sony and Sandisk.

Extra camera batteries are always appreciated. If you don’t want to splurge for the name brand, Watson and Wasabi are known to be reliable.

No matter what you are doing, you usually need more batteries.

A luggage scale is a key to traveling worry-free. They are small and cheap and save you that awkward repacking at the luggage check with a long line behind you.

Power adapters are great for anyone traveling abroad.

Power banks are useful for any traveler that likes their phone.

Having a small storage plan to ensure your images make it home safely is awesome for a traveling photographer.

If your photographer doesn’t have photoshop/lightroom, the cc subscription is a great deal and will take anyone’s photography to the next level.

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