Gear Review: Westcott 42″ 6-in-One Reflector

A while back I tested a ton of flash gear from different companies in an effort to find the best gear to recommend to photographers getting a start in flash photography.

This is a great reflector.  What is great about this kit is it comes with two diffusion panels.  The single cover has wc-rgold, silver, gray and black to cover the range of what you need for almost any portrait shoot.  Having two diffusers comes in handy on just about any shoot as you can use one opposite your light source and one under your subject or you can use one to diffuse natural light and one to reflect.  While this reflector is a bit more expensive than  others, including ones offered by Westcott, that second diffuser is hugely valuable and the quality of this reflector is superior to what you see in the cheaper brands.  One other nice perk is the extra size of this reflector and the rectangular shape allows more useful positioning.  It also makes it easy to use it as a background for head shots as needed.

This Reflector is available on Amazon for $99, but they have the more traditional round reflectors for much less.

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