Gear Review: Westcott 16″ by 22″ Softbox

A while back I tested a ton of flash gear from different companies in an effort to find the best gear to recommend to photographers getting a start in flash photography.

This is a smaller softbox that compares favorably to what you would expect from other softboxes.  The biggest wc-sbdownside here is that it does not come with a speedring.  The speedring is the metal ring the rods or ribs of the softbox attach to, leaving an opening for the flash.  For this reason, I would not recommend it for beginners that do not already have a spare speedring and don’t want to incur the additional expense.  If you already have a speedring, then this is a great softbox.  It is made out of really nice materials that feel like they will hold up well.  It is easy to set up and comes with shumway-van-270two levels of diffusers that easily attach with Velcro.

This soft box gives you great results with the durability and quality you would expect from Westcott.

The image above was made with the soft box placed about four feet from the subject with a silver reflector placed opposite the light.

The softbox is currently available on Amazon for $139.

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