Gear Review: Vallerret Photography Gloves

If you only want my verdict, I think these are probably the best gloves a photographer can buy.  Obviously I haven’t tested everything out there, but I can confidently say anyone who shoots in cold weather will love these gloves.

In the past, I have generally not used gloves on photography outings as it is annoying to take gloves on and off while using a camera.  When I heard about photography-glove-by-vallerret9-500x600the Vallerret gloves, I knew I had to give them a try as they are specifically designed for photography.

These gloves were seriously awesome.  I get a lot of gear in the mail at times and my wife usually does not even notice it, but even she was really impressed when these gloves came.  She wanted to try them on, and then she went on about how they were such great quality.  I whole-heartedly agree with her.  These gloves have everything you could want with great attention to detail.  The gloves are designed to fit very snug to ensure warmth and maximum use of your hands.  The gloves also have extra grip added to the palms and fingers to make it much safer to handle your camera without fear of it slipping out of your grip

The tips of the pointer fingers and thumbs have little slits so you can pop those fingers out and in for easy use.  These worked really well as I could get my fingers in and out to use as needed.

I loved these gloves and am very excited to take them on my tour of Europe this winter where I know I will be shooting in some cold weather!

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