Gear Review: The Miggo Agua Storm-Proof Camera Holster

The Miggo Agua is a piece of gear that is one that I was very excited to review.  It is a storm proof holster that is great for use in rain or sand, is comfortable and super convenient.


I remember seeing the Agua years ago when it was first launched and almost pulling the trigger, but at that time, I did not understand what Kickstarter was and was not quite ready to just hand money over.  Luckily, their Kickstarter campaign was a success and I was able to get one now!  The Agua is offered in three different sizes: the 45 for Pro DSLR cameras, the 35 for medium DSLR and the 25 for mirrorless or bridge (superzoom) cameras.  I opted for the 25 and it was a perfect fit for my Fuji X-T1 and 18-135.

The main draw of the Agua is that it is advertised as a storm-proof holster designed for comfort and quick access.  To me, the Agua is must have for two very specific occasions.   First, and most obvious, is going out in the rain (or possible rain).  I am sure every photographer out there has run into occasions where you get stuck in the rain and have to hide your camera up your shirt and search for safety or when you have your camera in a backpack with a rain cover and it becomes too inaccessible when you want to get a shot.


I love the Agua by Miggo.  I honestly do not know how often I will actually use it and it likely will not replace my Mindshift holster for everyday use, but there are enough occasions where the Agua is the perfect tool that I think it is a must have tool.  The next time you are stuck in the rain, at the beach or by the pool, you will wish you had an Agua as you worry about the safety of your camera or miss a bunch of shots because your camera is not easily accessible.

You can buy the from Miggo individually or packaged with some of their other products.  It is also available on Amazon.  As of the time of this article, the Agua is selling for $48-$68 depending on the size you want.  For more, check out our Recommended Gear.


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