Gear Review: Tamrac Anvil Slim 15

I have used a lot of camera bags over the past couple years, but I was really excited for this bag from Tamrac.  As soon as I got it, I knew it would be the perfect bag for the the workshop I went to in Glacier National Park.  The bag performed well through four flights and lots and lots and lots of hiking.  In fact, I have turned to this bag many times throughout the past year and it has become my favorite backpack for hiking.

This bag is very comfortable.  Even on a day where I hiked close to fifteen miles, I did not have issues carrying everything in this bag.  I really like the thick waste strap that added a lot of comfort for hiking.  That has been a downfall with even many expensive bags I have tested.  I don’t know why so many bags insist on flimsy waist straps other than to save on space when storing the bag.  This bag is not exceptionally large, but it has a lot of room for its size.

The laptop pocket is actually in the middle of the bag so it has padding on both sides.  I had no issue fitting my 15.6 inch laptop plus extras.  There are additional straps in the main compartment to hold things tight, like your camera, which was nice for times I ran down the hills or jumped off rocks.  There is space everywhere on this bag for extra storage.  The outside pockets are nice, as are the straps all over to hook things.  I love the front straps for hooking my jacket when I am hiking in colder weather.  I would have, however, preferred a pocket on one of the sides instead of straps.  The tripod can be held on either side or in the middle, which is a really nice feature.  I felt like the tripod was a little loose on the middle, but it was passable if that is where you want to store it.  You can also use the front bottom pocket if you want more stability.

Overall, this is a killer bag for someone who wants to be able to carry a lot of gear without having a massive bag.  It is perfect for someone that is going to do a lot of hiking and outdoor activities.  While it probably isn’t big enough for overnight hikes where you need to carry a sleeping bag or tent, I think it is perfect for anything else.


You can currently pick it up at Amazon for $179 or grab a different size for a different price.

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