Gear Review: Streetwalker Harddrive from Think Tank

Think Tank is one of the more popular bag brands for photographers, and for good reason–they make a quality product.  They also have a lot of bags and are coming out with new things all the time.  So, whatever your streetwalker-harddrive-1needs are, they probably have something for you.  For my needs, the Streetwalker Harddrive sounded like the perfect bag.  I have been using it for a little over a year now and it has become my favorite bag for everything except hiking (it is still great for hiking, I just have a different favorite).

Look at all that room!

The first thing I really liked about this bag was the size.  It has the width and depth of a regular bag, but adds a few inches in height.  I am 6’2″ and I felt this added a lot of extra room, while still keeping the bag very comfortable.  I have put this bag through the ringer on an many trips, including international travel, many flights and some intense hiking.  It held up remarkably well.  I am able to take all the camera gear I want (including a lot I don’t always need) and still have room for plenty of other items (for which my wife is thankful).  The bag is a little deep for my mirrorless body, so it would have no issue with larger gear.  In fact, I have met many photographers using this bag with much larger systems.  Each of them have told me they love the bag.  The laptop compartment is great.  It fits a 17 inch laptop so size was not an issue for me.  It was very easy to access and had space for the cord and some extra folders and similar items, which was really convenient.

The quality of this bag is great and, as I have said many times, Think Tank makes the best zippers out there.  For the most part, the bag was really comfortable.  The only thing I would have appreciated was a little more cushion on the waist strap.  Given the height of the bag, the waist strap hit my waist really nicely though, as opposed to some bags that like to creep up my stomach.

I had a few other minor complaints about the bag.  I do wish the outside pockets were a little larger since there is swwmore room to make them bigger.  That being said, there are plenty of pockets for all your small miscellaneous gear, but anything bigger will need to go in the main compartment.  The biggest complaint for me was the tripod holder.  I liked that the tripod straps could all be folded under and out of the way when not being used, and I liked that the tripod sat on the front of the bag so it wasn’t lopsided when carrying it, but the big annoying issue for me was that the top strap to hold the tripod down comes over the main zipper.  This makes it tough to access the main compartment when you have a tripod attached.  It usually means unbuckling that strap, which isn’t a big deal, but I would have preferred it to not be in the way.  On the plus side, you shouldn’t have a problem securing even a big tripod with this bag.

Overall, this is a really high-quality bag that would be perfect from a hobbyist to a professional.  I would highly recommend it for anyone that is taller.  This is great if you have a lot of gear or if you just want some extra space to carry non-camera things with you.  It has been a great bag, especially for travelling and air travel.  It has also performed fine for hiking.  If you are looking for a great all-around bag, this is a great option.  I have loved this bag so much, I already have version two, which was just released by Think Tank.

The bag is currently available on Amazon or at Think Tank for $229.  Think Tank has also offered Improve Photography readers a free gift with any purchase.

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