Gear Review: Peak Design Capture Clip

My wife bought me this clip years ago and I loved it.  It is so nice when hiking to be able to just throw your camera on71t0oz6fofl-_sl1000_ your belt or backpack strap and have it easily accessible without having a strap around your neck.  Before long, I encountered a problem with the tripod plate that connects your camera to the clip.  After a few hours of hiking, it would get loose and the camera could fall if not re-tightened.  This was a big issue for me so I stopped using it for a while.  Not too long ago, I had the idea of tightening it with a hex key rather than the hand tightening mechanism.  I have tested that a number of times and the camera has not come loose again.  As such, I am back to using and loving my Peak Design Clip.  Get yours at .

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