Gear Review: Leofoto L Bracket

I waited entirely too long to get an L bracket for my camera.  It wasn’t that hard to shoot vertical and I did not want to waste money on a bracket that could only fit one camera and would add weight and size.  Before my recent trip to Glacier National Park, I finally broke down and decided to test this 6143ld7cuml-_sl1200_bracket from Leofoto, mainly because of its awesome price.  At less than $20, it was well worth giving it a try.  I was surprised when I received the bracket that it was all metal and fit my camera perfectly snug.  It was much higher quality than I expected for that price.  I was able to access everything without removing the plate, although the battery cover took a little finagling from time to time.  Moreover, it adds almost no weight and only a little size.  The whole plate acts as a tripod plate so you can attach it anywhere to the tripod.  It was so so so convenient to use on this trip and I never had to mess with my tripod to get it to the one position where I could shoot completely vertical.  This was such a game changer, I will never go back to not using an L Bracket on any camera I own.  If you have not purchased one yet, you need to order one now!

I tried about 30 different compositions in this aspen grove. It was so easy with the L bracket and didn’t require any of that annoying messing with the ball head.

One extra thing about this plate that I discovered late in the trip was an extra thread on the outside of the L Bracket.  This was very exciting for me because it meant I could attach my Peak Design clip (or any sling-style strap) to the L bracket and still take full advantage of being able to clip my camera wherever I please.

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3 thoughts on “Gear Review: Leofoto L Bracket

  1. Hi, I’ve been thinking of getting one of these brackets. I have one question though: Do you need any special tripod plate or ball head? Or does it work with pretty much any bullhead and mounting thingy that screws into the bottom of the camera now?

    1. Jorge, the L bracket is your mounting plate so you need a ball head that is arca-swiss compatible. That allows you to put any part of the bracket into your ball head clamp. Hopefully that makes sense. Let me know what ball head you have if you want me to look into compatibility.

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