Gear Review: Lenspen Pro DSLR Kit

I have always used normal lens cloths for cleaning my camera lenses, filters, glasses or anything else, but I decided to give the Lenspen system a try recently!  My first time using this kit was at Glacier National Park in September.


I really enjoyed using the Lenspen for its convenience.  This kit came with three different pens, but I mainly just used the lens pen.  It was great because it fit in my pocket or I could attach it to my bag for easy access.

It has a brush on one side that pops out and is great for removing dust or objects from your lens.  The other side of the pen has a pad that does a great job of removing any smears that are on your lens.  My only issue was it would leave some carbon residue that you had to make sure to brush off after you were done.


Overall, I was really pleased with how the Lenspen has performed.  With all the wind in Glacier, I used it at least once or twice in each location and it kept my lens clean with minimal effort.  With such a great price point, I think it is definitely worth a try to see if works better for your shooting style.

You can currently pick the kit up on Amazon for under $15.  Alternatively, you could save a few bucks and just pick up a single Lenspen for $10.  The micro is pretty small so I wouldn’t just get that unless you have a really small lens.

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