Gear Review: Impact 24″ Quicbox Softbox

I did a series of articles over at Improve Photography testing a ton of lighting equipment.  I only wanted to test the basic stuff that starters would be looking at so it was mainly reflectors, umbrellas and soft boxes from different companies.

The Quickbox is very similar to other softboxes, except for the set up.  While I had no issues with the 3 minutes it took to set up the Hexi Softbox, the Quickbox took about 1 minute once I learned how to do it.  It is basically just unfolding.  For me, I preferred the Hexi Softbox to the Quickbox mainly for the pistol grip handle.

This image was made with the Quickbox and no reflector.
This image was made with the Quickbox and a white reflector.

The Quickbox got mostly the same results as the Hexi Softbox, which is not surprising considering they do the same thing.  The main difference is in the set up and the handle.  The Quickbox is faster and easier to set up, will give you similar results and comes in a little cheaper at just under $90 on Amazon.

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