Gear Review: Filter Nest Mini from Mindshift Gear

The Filter Nest Mini is a piece of gear that is absolutely a necessity for me.  It is a pretty simple tool designed to safely hold four round filters.  I think 4 slots is the ideal number as it is perfect to carry a set of neutral density filters and a circular polarizer.  For 99% of photography, those are the only filters I ever use or need.

For years, I kept all my filters in their original cases.  It was annoying as I am not the most organized and they would fall all over my camera bag and then I would not take the time to put them back in the right case when I was out in the field.  That ultimately let to the frustration of having to open all my cases to figure out which one was actually holding the filter I needed.  With the Filter Nest Mini, all my filters are in the same container and easy to access.  It also takes up much less space and fits perfectly in one of the little compartments inside any camera bag.  This small investment has made my organization and photography so much more enjoyable.  I highly recommend it for anyone that uses filters.  Pick one up at Mindshift Gear and get a free gift for using our link.

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