Gear Review: 36 Inch Black and White Umbrella from Savage

I have spent the last few months reviewing a ton of flash gear.  My goal was to find the best set up for a new photographer.

When working with a speedlite, you will want to use a modifier in almost all 41em1igwh9l-_sx425_situations .  There are so many light modifiers out there, but an umbrella is probably the easiest and cheapest option to get started.   The Savage umbrella worked really well.  It was very easy to use.  It has a black cover over the white that is very easy to detach and reattach when you want.  The only downfall with the umbrella is the very thin fabric, which is obviously necessary to let the light through, developed a small tear early while using it.  It was a very very small tear and did not spread at all and did not affect my use of the umbrella in any way so I was not too concerned about it.  There are definitely higher quality options out there, but if you want to get started with something basic, you can pick this up for $12 on Amazon, or you can get just the white umbrella for even cheaper.

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