Funky Pants in front of the Bellagio

Las Vegas, Nevada

January 9, 2016LV Strip-01427 mm: ISO 3200: f/3.2: 1/1900

Ah, the struggles of street photography.  I looked at the settings in lightroom for this photo and was baffled.  Why would I have shot at ISO 3200 and 1/1900 sec.? My conclusion is that I had just come out of a casino, had the shutter dial on auto and forgot to adjust my ISO after shooting inside.

On this day, I was walking the strip with my niece and it was pretty cold.  We were making our way to get inside the Bellagio when I saw these two guys on the other side of the street.  Their pants screamed at me to shoot them so I found a quick shot where I could surround them with normally-dressed people (not always easy on the strip) to make them really stand out.

Gear used:

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