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A while back, I published a review of the Peak Design Range Pouch, which is my favorite lens pouch.  The Field Pouch is another new pouch from Peak Design that I love for traveling.  Indeed, I am still upset that I somehow managed to lose my Field Pouch somewhere in Lisbon, Portugal.

This pouch is wider and compares almost to a small waist pack.  While you can strap the Field Pouch to a belt and where it on your waist, it can also be attached to a backpack or used as a small sling bag (if you have a Peak Design strap like the Leash, Slide or Slide Lite).

The reason I added this pouch to my considerable pile of camera bags and accessories is that I thought I could take all my accessories and put them in one place while I traveled with my family.  This bag quickly became our go-to carrier for anything we needed to take with us for an outing.  Because it can expand or contract to fit perfectly whatever gear you are taking without wasting excess bulk, it was really nice to pack each day with whatever size load we needed.  On most outings where I took the Field Pouch before losing it, it held my spare batteries, memory cards, lens cloths, remote, a diaper and a package of diaper wipes (for my youngest daughter who, thank goodness, is now potty trained).

I really loved this bag because it was perfect for just about anything.  If I really wanted, I could have thrown a spare lens in there and not needed to take my camera bag with me hardly at all.   The Field Pouch is one of those things, similar to the Mindshift Filter Nest Mini, that I did not realize how practical it would be until I actually put it to use.  Now that I no longer have the Field Pouch, I really miss it.  It was so nice having a dedicated spot to keep all my small accessories in one pouch.  Especially when that pouch can contract or expand to maximize efficient use of space.  It is so annoying to now have all that same stuff scattered among multiple pockets in my camera bag.

My favorite part of the Field Pouch was being able to forego carrying my camera bag many times when I was exploring towns in Europe.  With my camera attached via a camera strap or placed in the cup holder of our stroller, everything else I needed was either in the Field Pouch or the small pouch for my Platypod.  With that small set up, all of which fit easily in a stroller or on my body, I carried all I needed for a day of travel photography.

At $39.95, it is not cheap for a pouch, but it is one of those things I don’t want to be without now that I have used it.  Get the Field Pouch at Peak Design, or find the Field Pouch on Amazon.

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