Family Hot Dog Stand

Moscow, Idaho

July 2, 20162. Farmer's market in moscow-012122.6 mm: ISO 250: f/7.1: 1/250 sec. 

We visited Pullman, Washington for the Fourth of July and spent a couple hours Saturday morning at the Farmer’s Market in Moscow, Idaho.  This was a really fun little market with lots of stalls and food.  It was difficult to take a lot of images as I had my two young kids with me, but a had a couple minutes free while I was waiting for some food.  I spotted this hot dog stand across the street (at the NW corner of the intersection at the very north end of the market).  I thought the little girl was cute with her dad and the hot dog stand had a very Americana feel to it.  It is an image where I notice more things as I look at it longer, like the girl’s wiener dog apron or the oven mitt on the cart.

I usually like to use my Fujinon  27 mm lens for street photography because it is so much easier to carry around, but this is one instance where it was really nice to have the extra reach.  I was testing out the sling strap from Heavy Leather and it was really nice for street photography where you aren’t carrying a bag or tripod.

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