Photography Tips for Erawan National Park: Thailand’s Waterfall

When my wife and I spent ten days in Thailand a few days back, I kept hearing things about an incredible waterfall at Erawan National Park.  After looking up some images, I was sorely tempted to make the 2-3 hour trip from Bangkok, but with limited time, we opted for the incredible ruins in Ayutthaya instead.  Now, I am at least happy to share this incredible place with all of you and renew my resolve to get back to Thailand and visit all the amazing places we missed.

All the images in this article come from Anskar Lenzen, who spent a couple days in Erwarn National Park, making these beautiful images.  I love how each of the images shows off a great composition with great lighting.  The silky smooth waterfalls and turquoise waters paint a pretty majestic scene that I would love to photograph someday soon.

Erawan National Park

These images from Anskar were all taken in Erawan National Park in Thailand where he stayed for 2 nights. Erawan National Park is located in western Thailand, northwest of Bangkok.  The park was founded in 1975 as Thailand’s twelfth national park.

The top attraction of Erawan National Park is unsurprisingly Erawan Falls, an impressive seven-tiered waterfall named after the erawan, a three-headed white elephant in Hindu mythology.   There are also four caves in the park: Mi, Rua, Wang Bahdan, and Phartat.  Finally, there is a a prominant hill northeast of the waterfalls named Khao Nom Nang.

Tips for Photography in Erawan National Park

Anskar shares the following from his experience:

“As the waterfalls (7 large ones and uncountable smaller ones) are heavily crowded during the day, we decided to sleep in tents in the National Park to take our shots early in the morning. As often, going out in the morning for photography is just the best. You avoid the crowds and get the best light. Luckily, it is possible to overnight there on a camping ground and you can even lend all the camping gear.

As we hiked up the way we often had to stop at the bigger waterfalls as they were just magical to look at. It was around 7 in the morning and nobody was around so we could get shots from all perspectives without any people running through the motive. And the best part: on the way back, when all the shots were taken, we could enjoy the cold but beautiful turquoise blue water by swimming in the cascades. If you are in Thailand, this is definitely a must see!”

Anskar Lenzen

Anskar Lenzen is a 28 year-old Wildlife Management student from Germany (studying in the Netherlands). He has been doing photography for the past two years and often travels with his girlfriend Lea Milde.  After their five-month internship in Sri Lanka, they visited several South East Asian countries, including Thailand.  At the time these images were taken, Anskar was using a Nikon D3200 (current model is the D3500) with the kit lens and depending on the light situation, an ND filter and/or a polarizing filter. Anskar also had to use a tripod as most of the images took a shutter speed around two seconds.  Anskar processed the images in Lightroom.

You can find more of Anskar’s work on Facebook and follow him and Lea on Instagram at @willyslea and @anskaransi.

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  1. If you like to photograph then take a tripod and of course a camera with you. You can take some beautiful long exposure shots. The park leaves plenty of room for your imagination. 

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