Eclipse at Totality

Smith’s Ferry, Idaho

August 21, 2017122.6 mm: ISO 200: f/18: 1/30 sec.

I am still a few months behind in editing and posting, but I figured I needed to publish a couple eclipse images before the world completely lost interest after being inundated with eclipse images over the past couple weeks.

I was lucky enough to travel to Idaho to see totality and it was an awesome experience.  My awesome wife bought me the tickets for Father’s Day and I was able to stay at my parent’s house in Donnelly.  Aaron from Photog Adventures drove up to join me and we had an eventful weekend, but never found a good place to shoot for fear of traffic.  On the morning of the eclipse, we started driving down toward the middle of the path of totality and there was no traffic so we just kept going until we got right dead center of the path and found a little dirt road to drive up and park, giving us a great view over the river valley.

The moment of totality was such an incredible experience and way cooler than I ever expected.  You have to check out the videos and podcast put out by Photog Adventures to get a feel for what it was actually like.  I will get another image out tomorrow showing the moment totality ended and that will probably be all until I have the time to edit a composite showing all the different phases.

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