2022 Top Images from the Photography & Travel Community

Another year of publishing the top images produced by the Photography and Travel community for 2022. We love doing this every year and hope that our submission list will get bigger for next year!

We hope you can go through all the submissions, get inspired by the work, find some new people to follow and knock out some great images of your own in 2023. Be sure to also check out the top images from 2021 and 2020 and 2019 and 2018 for more inspiration. Finally, join our Facebook Group so you can be ready for next year!

In no particular order, these are all the great photographers that contributed. I included a sample image for some that provided one, but be sure to follow the links to see the entire collection from each photographer.

  • First up is me, Brent Huntley. I am predominantly a travel and landscape photographer, with a little dabbling in wildlife and sports. You can find my favorite ten images here at Photography & Travel.
  • Next up is Khürt Williams, who has been included in our collection for many years now! His collection is published at islandinthenet.com. He primarily shoots Birds, Lifestyle, Street, Cityscape, Travel, Macro, and Architecture photography. He says he loves being outdoors, photographing nature–birds, running water, the wind in the trees, tiny flowers at my feet, people on the street, and road trips. His images were shot with his Fuji X-T3, Minolta XD-11, or iPhone 11 Pro,
  • Stefan Baeurle is another great outdoor photographer that was in our list last year. Most of his images are of trees he discovered while hiking the Pacific Coast in Northern California. You can enjoy his images at his website.
Oregon wildflowers at sunrise
  • Mark Tierney loves to shoot lots of subjects, but landscape, portraiture, architecture, and aerial are his specialties. He shared his nine most liked images with us from his Instagram.
  • Mark Mertens shared his top images in an Instagram post. Mark primarily shoots landscapes, flowers, birds and other wildlife.
Red Fox Hunting in Snow, Custer Gallatin National Forest, Montana
  • Joseph Smith is our next photographer. He focuses on texture and light, primarily with land and seascapes as well as urban and rural scenes in Maine You can find his top images on his website here.
Cirque of the Towers waterfall. Popo Agie Wilderness. Wind River Range Wyoming #78500 Photo Highlights of 2022
  • Heidi Liv Salicath is a great Danish photographer. You can see her 2022 collection on her Instagram.

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  1. Tank you for putting together this list of wonderful images made in the past year. I enjoyed going through them.

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