Camera Strap Review: The Slide from Peak Design

In an effort to find the perfect strap, I reviewed over 20 camera straps!  It is tough testing so many straps because I want to be sure each strap gets a real-world test.  With that in mind, I took the IMAG1320Slide camera strap from out for a full day of hiking at Valley of Fire State Park.


I like the look of the Slide strap.  It is a no frills, no fancy design, utilitarian look (it does come in different colors if you want that).  I have heard complaints about it looking like a seat belt, which I can see, but frankly, it just doesn’t bother me.  The one thing I could see people not liking is the attachment loops.  The loops themselves are fine, but because you attache separate loops to the tripod plates and the strap hooks for easy transition between holding styles, there are going to be two loops dangling where the strap isn’t attached.  I thought this would bother me, but they are small and don’t get in the way so I ended up not caring.  Plus, if it really bothered you, you could always take the extra loops off where you don’t usually attach the strap.



I found the Slide to be quite comfortable.  It has a little extra cushion around the neck and the strap fits snug to your body.  I prefer wearing my straps IMAG1317across my chest with my camera at the hip.  This strap felt very comfortable in this position (perhaps because it does feel a bit like a seat belt) and kept my camera tight on my body so I didn’t have to worry about it banging around.  When worn normally around the neck, the camera does bounce around a bit just like with every other strap worn that way.

ease of use

This is what Peak Design is known for and the Slide is no exception.  The Slide is great when it comes to real-world shooting.  The attachment loops make it very quick and easy to remove the strap or hook it to either the side of the camera or the tripod plate.  You can even hook it to a side and the tripod plate to get just the right positioning that is most comfortable.

The tripod plate is another great feature.  I was worried that I would have to IMAG1311swap out the tripod plate every time I wanted to use my tripod (which would be a deal breaker for me personally), but even with the loops attached to the plate, I had no problem attaching it to my tripod.  This meant I could go straight from my strap to the tripod, and if desired, I could even detach the strap in second so it wasn’t getting in the way.  The only downside is the tripod plate cannot be attached to or removed from your camera without a hex tool or flat edge so you will need to be sure to have one in your bag at all times.


Finally, adjusting the straps was very smooth and quick.  Rather than having to weave the strap through the adjustment brackets, you just press on the sides of the brackets and you can slide them up or down.

The only downside I see here is the Slide is a bit bulky.  There were two instances where this became bothersome.  First, the strap takes up a lot of space in your camera bag so you need to have a bag that allows some extra space around the camera.  This was not a big problem with the bags I was using, but be aware that could be an issue if your camera is already a tight fit.  The other instance is if you let the strap get twisted at all.  Like a seat belt, the strap feels awkward if not lying flat.  It didn’t happen often and wasn’t a big deal to correct, but it did happen a few times when I would put the strap on from my camera bag.


The overall durability of this strap appears very positive.  Again, given its similarity in construction to a seat belt, I would not be worried about it ever wearing out (I have never seen a seat belt wear out).  The only potential issue I see is the tags indicate the attachment loops can wear out.  I have no idea how long that might take, but replacement loops can be purchased fairly cheap at Peak Design.


You can pick one up at Amazon for $59.95 at the time of this article.  Or, even better, head over to  and get the latest deal


I love this strap by Peak Design.  It may not be the flashiest or even most comfortable strap out there, but the utility is amazing.  I love that it connects to a quick replace plate that can attach to my tripod and the ease to transfer attachment locations makes it so easy to use.


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