Camera Strap Review: Saigon and Quick Grip from Case Logic

This was about the only image I could get by myself with my phone to show both straps while I was out hiking.

I tested twenty some odd camera straps in the effort to find the best camera strap available. It is tough testing so many straps because I want to be sure each strap gets a real-world test.  With that in mind, I took the Saigon neck strap and Quick Grip hand strap from Case Logic out for a hike near my home in Las Vegas.


I liked the look of the Saigon strap.  It was very simple, but I liked the nice shade of blue.  It is a smaller strap than I am used to.  I think it was about maxed out on my Fuji X-T1.  It would look better on a smaller camera, and it would probably look out of place on anything larger.

The Quiccl3k Grip is very basic in design and doesn’t have anything that would detract or add to its look.


I was surprised by the comfort of the Saigon neck strap. Being smaller and thinner than I am used to, I expected discomfort, but in my one-hour hike, I didn’t feel any strain or discomfort on my neck.  I probably would not want to push it for a hike lasting more than a couple hours and I would not want to use it with a larger camera.

The hand strap took me some time to get used to.  I have never used a hand strap before so it may have just been me getting used to it.  Within a half hour, it did start to feel more natural and comfortable.  It is very padded and did not cause any discomfort whatsoever.  The only annoying part was a large tag on the inside that would need to be removed for sustained use.



The Saigon was very easy to attach to my camera and worked fine once attached.  Although it was shorter than straps I am used to, it was just long enough for me to strap across my chest and wear on my side.  It sat snug against my side and was okay for hiking in that position.  I would have preferred a little extra length, but I am 6’2″ so anyone shorter than me likely would not have concern.

The Quick Grip took some time to get used to, but worked fine once I got comfortable.  The attachment allows it to swing slightly so you can grip the cl1camera however you like.  The two downsides for me were the difficulty to attach the top loop of the strap to my camera and the attachment mechanism for the tripod screw.  The top loop was difficult enough that I wouldn’t want to take the strap on and off frequently, but if you plan to leave it attached then there is no issue.  The bottom attachment is pretty standard, but since it occupies the tripod mount, I would not want to use it if I was going to be using a tripod.


These straps are inexpensive so they are made with basic materials.  That being said, there was nothing I saw that would cause me concern with the durability of either straps.


You can pick it up at Case Logic or Amazon for $12 at the time of this article.

The hand strap is currently available for under $20 at Case Logic or Amazon.


The Saigon strap is a great option for someone with a smaller camera who is looking to replace a lost strap, but not necessarily seeking an upgrade.  I think it was probably most designed as an inexpensive option for people whose camera did not come with a decent neck strap.

The Quick Grip seems to be a durable hand strap for anyone looking for a hand strap.  I have never used one before so I cannot compare it to other brands, but this one would work fine for anyone looking for a hand strap.

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