Camera Strap Review: IMO Straps

I tested twenty some odd camera straps in the effort to find the best camera strap available.   IMO hooked me up with two of their straps for testing.

The IMO straps come in a variety of fun designs for you to match your style.  I tested out two of the straps.  They were basically the same strap with a different design.  The straps are fairly basic.  It is a fabric strap with neoprene on the inside.  The fabric stops the neoprene from stretching, but it is still fairly padded and more comfortable than just a basic strap.  The length was very good for me.  There is a touch of leather that hooks the strap to the nylon attachment straps.  You change the length by weaving the nylon through the buckle.  That is the same as you see on most straps and is a drawback for me.  I do like that the strap has buckles so you can separate the main strap from the attachments and easily take the strap off.  Unfortunately, the portion of the strap that stays attached to the camera is quite long, but it is so much better than having to undo the entire strap to remove it when you want to use your camera without a strap.  This did not matter to me when I was just starting, but there are many occasions, like shooting in underwater cases, where I need to remove the strap.    Of all the straps I tested, I got more compliments wearing these straps than any others so, if you want people to think you are cool…..

You can pick up any of their neoprene straps for $29.  For more, check out our Recommended Gear.

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