Camera Strap Review: A7 NYC

I tested twenty some odd camera straps in the effort to find the best camera strap available.   A7 NYC was kind enough to provide me two of their most popular straps to be included in the review.

The Lincoln and Morgan straps are very similar, but the Morgan has a bit of added length if you like a longer camera strap.  Both are quality leather camera straps.  A7 NYC is a New-York based company specializing in soft leather straps made by a family-owned leather manufacturer also based in New York City.  They were featured in GQ magazine so you know the style is going to be on point.


Both straps were very comfortable.  They are all leather, including the attachments.  I appreciate that for the sleek look this provides rather than transitioning to a cheaper material on the strap.  It also makes connecting the strap to the camera very simple and fast.  It hooks through just like a leather belt with multiple belt holes for different lengths.  Both cameras had plenty of holes that would make it comfortable for any person.  I found these straps very comfortable to wear like a sling across my chest, which I prefer.  They were some of the most comfortable straps in that situation that were not dedicated sling straps.  I was able to have the camera sit snugly right above my hip and access it very quickly and smoothly.

To me, these straps are for someone that likes the high-quality rugged leather look and feel.  You can currently pick them up at A7 NYC for $85-$120.  For more, check out our Recommended Gear.

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