Burning Cloud

Zion National Park, Utah

November 5, 2015narrows 11

55.6 mm: ISO 250: f/5.0: 1/60 sec.

 We drove into Zion to hike the narrows early in the morning.  We were able to go in and park at the shuttle stop by the round-a-bout and this was the view as we were standing around waiting.  When I noticed how awesome this one cloud is, I started shooting.  Because I wasn’t ready to dig out my tripod, I was stuck shooting hand-held so I had to open the aperture up a lot more than usual for me.  Because I couldn’t expose properly in one shot, I had to pull the shadows completely up and drop the highlights about half way down to get it looking how I remember it.  I didn’t do much else to this shot other than a little clarity and sliding the blue.

Gear Used: