Boulder Meadows Reservoir

McCall, Idaho

August 19, 201727.9 mm: ISO 200: f/14: 1/4 sec.

One evening while I was in Idaho, I took a side-by-side up into the mountains to try and find Louie Lake.  Unfortunately, the road to the lake was closed off.  It is apparently private property so the only way to get there is a long hike.  Since, I didn’t have enough time to hike there before the sunset, I opted to see what Boulder Meadows Reservoir looked like.

19.5 mm: ISO 200: f/16: 1/8 sec.

I was pleasantly surprised.  Usually reservoirs look very artificial, but this reservoir was pretty beautiful.  It was surround by big pine trees and had little alcoves full of funky drift wood.

18 mm: ISO 200: f/16: 1/8 sec.

I don’t remember why I made these three similar images from the same location and edited them, but oh well.  In this last image, a six-image panorama, I was pretty aggressive with the colors.  The middle image is 3 images that were focus stacked in Photoshop to get greater detail throughout the frame. The top image is just a single exposure.
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