Bluffworks Clothes: Comfort and Durability for Travel

Bluffworks is a clothing company that specializes in upscale clothes for travel.  They combine stylish looks with fabric that is durable and comfortable.  They currently offer three types of pants, dress shirts, suits and blazers.  Seeing as we like to travel, I picked up a pair of the original pants and a shirt before our last Europe trip.

the pants

What originally appealed to me about the Bluffworks pants was the idea of having a pair of pants that would take up half the space of jeans, look nicer and be more comfortable.

 I knew I was going to love these pants when my 2 year old dumped a drink on me at the airport on our first day of travel.  As I started to get upset knowing I was about to get on a flight to Amsterdam with soda all over my pants, I realized the drink had not penetrated the fabric.  I wiped off the pants and there was nothing but a little damp spot that quickly dried.  I put these pants through the ringer wearing them multiple days at a time and washing them in sinks.  They stayed mostly clean, were very comfortable, and were a breeze to wash as they dried quicker than any of my other clothes.


The coolest thing about these pants is how insanely comfortable they are.  The fabric has a little stretch in it and there is extra fabric sewn into the crotch so stretching, lounging or being active is all okay in these pants.  I am actually wearing them as I type this article as I will put them on after work some days instead of sweats so I can be comfortable, but still look presentable if I go to the store or somewhere.

Beyond that, there are some great features added to these clothes.  The pants, for example, have zippered pockets underneath the regular pockets.  I used these all the time to store cash, my cell phone, memory cards, batteries or other things I did not want to lose.

The only complaint I have had in wearing these pants is that I should not have picked light gray pants.  While I love the color, they show black really easily and I have found it difficult to keep them looking fresh while traveling.

the shirt

I like the shirt from Bluffworks even more than the pants.  The shirt I have is an older style than what is offered now, but it is very comfortable.  The fabric is the best clothing fabric I have ever worn.  It is thicker than most fabrics, but the shirt looks ironed no matter what I do to it.  I fold it and throw it in a suitcase and pull it out to put on and it looks like it is freshly pressed.

The other great thing is how durable the shirt is.  This is my go-to shirt for travel days.  On days where I spend 16 hours on 3 planes with 2 layovers, I am in desperate need of a shower, but my shirt has always looked great and smelled fine.  I don’t know how it does it, but the shirt is absolutely fantastic.

If you travel at all, do yourself a favor and check out Bluffworks.  Especially if you are doing extended travel that requires laundry or packing light, you will thank yourself for money well spent.  The clothes are not cheap by any means, but the value is in the quality.  If you are on a tight budget, you can probably finds something similar for cheaper, but if you can handle the price, you will love these clothes.

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