The Bluffworks Chino are my Favorite Travel Pants

I have been wearing the Chino pants from Bluffworks for the past several years and they are by far my favorite pants.  Not just for travel, but for everyday use, for lounging and even for casual dress days at the office.

Bluffworks is a company that is focused solely on making great travel clothes for men (rumor has it a women’s line is coming soon).  Bluffworks claims it “was founded to fit into every aspect of your life’s journey – work, travel, play (and everything in between).”  In my opinion, they knock that goal out of the park with the Chino pants.  They are comfortable, durable and sleek looking enough for so many uses.  Below, I am going to address in detail why I think every person should own a pair, especially those of you that love to travel.

bluffworks chino review

The Fabric

The Bluffworks Chino fabric has a bit of a unique feel to it that I have never felt with another pair of pants.  They are made of a technical, breathable polyester with nylon pockets.

The fabric is a bit tough to describe for me.  It isn’t soft and absorbent like cotton, but it doesn’t feel harsh or slick like a rain pant.  It has quite a bit of stretch to it, is very comfortable, is super lightweight and repels liquids amazingly well.

The moment I knew I loved my Bluffworks Chinos happened a few years ago after I got my first pair.  I was on my first layover in Salt Lake City before flying to Amsterdam for a day of exploring and a train ride to Paris.  It was going to be a long day (actually more than a day), and I about lost it when my daughter dumped a soda right on my lap.  There would be little worse than wet, sticky pants for this upcoming day.  Surprisingly, I stood up and wiped at the liquid, and it brushed right off.  It hadn’t absorbed at all.  What a lifesaver.  When I realized a pant could do that and be breathable and comfortable at the same time, I became a loyal fanboy of  Bluffworks.

bluffworks chino and dress shirt review

The Comfort

Having all the great features in these Chinos that make them a perfect travel pant wouldn’t be worth anything if they weren’t also very comfortable.  I always wear these on travel days because if I am going to be on an airplane or in a car all day, I want to be as comfortable as possible, while also not looking like I just rolled out of a bed or went to the gym.

These pants are both soft and stretchy, with extra room built in the bottom of the crotch so you can relax in complete comfort.  You don’t have to worry about the tug or pull or stiffness or potential split in a dress pant when you lounge in these pants.  You also don’t have the stiffness or weight of a jean.  While my wife can enjoy flying in the comfort of yoga pants, I think this is about as close as men can get while still looking classy.

Machine-Washable and Wrinkle Free

Dress pants that are machine washable?  Yes, please.  I hate dry cleaning so whenever I find a good pair of dress pants that are machine washable, I am happy.  The best part is the Chinos comes out of the dryer wrinkle free.  Even more impressive is that they stay wrinkle free.

I used to only travel with shorts and jeans because they don’t wrinkle in a suit case.  Not anymore.  The Chinos can withstand going in and out of luggage many times, being folded or stuffed in a backpack, and still come out looking good enough to comfortable wear to any event.

To really test this out, I simulated packing the pants between each use for over a month.  After weeks and multiple wears, I never had to iron the pants, and they were always wrinkle free.  They looked good enough I have had no qualms wearing them at work even after weeks of not being washed or hung.

Cool Travel Features

Besides being breathable, comfortable, ant-wrinkle, water resistant and good looking, the Bluffworks Chinos pack some really useful features for travel, especially if you are worried about pick pockets, which from my participation in various travel communities has taught me is a big worry for lots of people.

One of the back pockets has a zipper to keep people out.  My only problem is it is not the pocket where I like my wallet and it feels to weird if I try to switch.  When we are in a bustling city though, I wear my wallet in a front pocket.

That’s where these pants get really cool in my opinion.  In addition to nice big front pockets, there are second zippered pockets underneath each front pocket.  These are easily accessible, but still a bit hidden.  That means you can put your wallet, keys, phone or whatever else comfortably in the front zippered pockets and travel freely without worry of pick pockets.  it also solves my bigger concern in that I don’t worry about things falling out of my pockets.  No more worries of leaving a wallet or phone on an airplane or bus seat because it slid out of my front pocket.

Finally, there is a truly hidden pocket by the waist.  I don’t find that I ever use it because the other pockets more than fill my needs, but it is there if you want it.


I am going to steal a line from the Bluffworks website because I 100% agree with it and couldn’t say it better myself:

“I know you’re looking for the best pants for travel; ones that have stretch, breathability, wrinkle resistance, and comfort, but without looking like part of the tourist herd.”

These pants are really all they claim to be.  I don’t know where else you can find a pant that looks good enough to wear with a suit and tie, but are durable and comfortable enough for intense travel.  These are my go to pants for airplanes, hiking, getting dirty, and casual nights out.

As a notorious cheap skate, the only downside to these pants is the $125 price tag.  While I would never consider paying that for pants usually, I think it is 100% justified and worth it for these pants.  There is just no other pant I have found that combines so many features, durability and comfort.  I can’t imagine traveling without them now, and will not hesitate to buy a pair.

Head over to Bluffworks and check them out for yourself.  My personal favorite is the charcoal.

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