The Las Vegas Strip during BLM Protests and Covid Closures

I am a little late posting this, but I wanted to share some images I took of the Las Vegas Strip during the Covid shutdowns where the streets were mostly empty except for people walking to the Black Lives Matter. Unfortunately, this was the night where the protestors shot an officer.

On this night we walked up the Strip and then back down. When we walked up the strip, we talked to the officers and they said they were stationed there due to reports of the protests moving south.

On the way back down the Strip, the officers were running to their cars and getting vests on. We were able to hear enough that something was going on north of us and all the police were responding.

I enjoyed shooting the officers down at street level to be able to focus more on the officers rather than the overall scene.

I didn’t shoot much of the Strip attractions while we were down there, but I couldn’t resist the Eiffel Tower lit up in red, white and blue. I shot this from the bridge just north of Bally’s. I have found the bridges are usually the best place to get a good composition on the Strip. Usually, it is easy to get good light trails, but not when the Strip is empty.

I can’t walk by the Bellagio fountains without shooting them. Unfortunately, the actual fountains weren’t operating while the Strip was closed during Covid, but I still had fun with some longer exposures on the water.

I am happy I spent an evening exploring the Strip this night because the combination of the Strip being completely closed and the police presence is something that will hopefully never happen again.

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