Kayaking Bear Glacier Lagoon in Alaska

Today we are featuring an amazing image of Delwyn Hanns and her husband kayaking in Bear Glacier Lagoon.  It captures an amazing scene that perfectly captures what must have been an amazing adventure kayaking through blue chunks of glacial ice under the majestic Alaskan mountain ranges.  I love that there is interest in each third of the image with the floating ice in the foreground, impressive blue ice in the middle third and the mountain range in the background.  That great balance of blue schemes is broken by the bright yellow kayak.

Bear Glacier Lagoon

Bear Glacier Lagoon is located on the southern edge of Alaska, about 12 miles southwest of Seward.  It can be difficult to reach and a water taxi is generally recommended.  Bear Glacier Lagoon is a haven for outdoor adventurers with great kayaking, paddleboarders and campers.  With iceberg chunks floating in the lagoon, a guided tour may be best for anyone without much experience.

Story of the Image

Delwyn tells the following story of her image:

“This was taken on our trip to Alaska in June 2017. The location is Bear Glacier Lagoon, which was created by the receding Bear Glacier. This is a magical place to visit as huge building sized pieces of the glacier break off, they float in the lagoon gradually melting. When the skies are cloudy and overcast as they were on the day we were there the blue of the ice is at it’s best and bluest.

We were on a full day Kayaking tour with Liquid Adventures, we took a helicopter from Seward, Alaska over the beautiful mountains and landed at the lagoon before beginning our full day of kayaking. The full day kayaking takes you into the lagoon and closer to the Glacier, we were the only 2 people on this tour, so had the Glacier and Lagoon to ourselves and our guide.

I had envisioned getting this shot while researching our trip to Alaska, I really wanted my photo to show the great adventure that we had.”

Gear Used

Delwyn captured this image with her Olympus OM-D 5 mark 2 camera with the Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 Zuiko lens.  She used Lightroom and Photoshop in post processing the image as the kayakers in the image were her and her husband and had to be added to the scene in Photoshop as she was unable to get a photo of them with the ice obviously (she had to paddle).

Delwyn Hanns

Delwyn says her interests are definitely travel and photography and she loves that her photos give her the best possible souvenirs that she could ever ask for. When not travelling she gets to hang out with dogs, capturing their personalities in her pet photography business.

She can be followed on Instagram at @deljayphotography and @smile.fleas.photography. Smile Fleas Photography is also on Facebook.

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