Allegiant Stadium Tour in Las Vegas: Is it Worth it?

If you are a football fan, doing the Allegiant Stadium tour is well worth the time and cost when you are in Las Vegas. The price tag was a bit of a shock. At $65.99, the guided tour is definitely expensive and overpriced. However, getting to tour an NFL stadium, going behind the scenes and seeing the locker rooms and so forth is a unique experience to it is worth it.

I have been to Allegiant Stadium many times to see different games, but you get to experience and learn a lot more on the guided tour. When you first walk in, you get to enjoy the view that greets all patrons on game day.

You also get to see the giant torch that takes up multiple floors.

Finally, you get to go behind closed doors and see things a normal game-day patron doesn’t see. First, is exploring the owner’s suite.

Seeing the view from the owner’s suite and all the luxury they get to enjoy the game in will make you jealous on the next game day watching from the cheap seats or on TV.

I think the highlight of the tour is going in the locker room. That is one thing you never get to see on TV.

Inside the locker room, they do a hologram pep speech that is really cool. They don’t allow you to take images or video during the speech so I can’t share it here, but it was fun for sure.

After the Raiders’ locker room, you get to tour the less impressive UNLV Rebels’ locker room.

The Trophy Room was less impressive than I thought, but still a cool part of the tour.

You get to spend some time in the media room where they let everyone cycle through and take photos at the podium.

Finally, going down on the field is pretty awesome.. This is the other highlight of the tour in my opinion.

They give you a bit of time so you can run some routes or just take pictures before your tour wraps up.

Being Las Vegas, they had to add some Elvis in the stadium

There is actually a ton of art hanging in the halls that you walk through. This next one was probably my favorite.

One final part of the tour that I was not anticipating is the cheerleader area. You can see all the different outfits through history, before you go into the actual cheer locker room.

If you want to visit the stadium, you have to prepurchase your tickets online. This link takes you to the purchase page. Parking is free so at least that helps with the expensive ticket prices.

If you have other questions about the tour, check out the Raiders FAQ, which will answer most every question you could have.

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