Honest Review of Think Tank Airport Advantage Plus

I don’t find the need to have something more than a camera backpack for most travels, but when I was doing a three week trip through Europe, I decided a roller bag would be much better on my back so I could take all the photography gear I wanted.  I love Think Tank bags so it was a no brainer to get the .

Besides just long trips with lots of camera gear, a roller bag like this is ideal for photographer shooting on assignment or shooting a wedding or event.  For someone shooting at an event or wedding, it makes a lot of sense to have all your backup gear in a bag like this so it can be stored in a safe location and you don’t look like an idiot running around a wedding with a backpack on.

In certain situations, a dedicated piece of luggage is just going to be your best option. But that doesn’t mean you want your expensive camera gear floating around a normal suitcase.

If you are going to be putting camera gear in luggage,  you need to have a suitcase with extra padding and compartment dividers dedicated to carrying camera gear.  This is where the comes in.

I know many photographers like the roller bags from Pelican, but I find the hard cover is overkill for me and is not as convenient to use as a more traditional luggage back like the airport bags from .

If you are traveling internationally, you should check out my article reviewing the international version of this bag, but the rolling suitcase I am reviewing in this article is the luggage I use whenever I am not restricted to the smaller size (typically I am only restricted on European budget airlines).

The thing I love most about the newer model of the Airport Advantage is that they managed to cut a lot of weight off the bag from the previous version I had.  In the United States, weight of carry on bags usually doesn’t matter, but this can be a big issue when travelling overseas.  Regardless, shedding some unnecessary weight is always a plus.

The design of the is pretty typical of what you would expect in camera luggage, but there are a few unique aspects.

The front of the suitcase is just one big pocket that can hold a large laptop.  There isn’t a lot of padding here to protect a laptop so I am always a little extra careful when my computer is in this pocket.

The inside of the bag is mostly just padded dividers for camera gear, but you can adjust it however you want if you have other items to put in with your camera gear.

The inside also has two big mesh pockets that have plenty of stretch so they are great for packing camera accessories or even some clothes if you need the extra space.

The things that really set this luggage apart, and make it worth the price tag are the little things that are well thought out and add to the quality.  You will notice these things as soon as you start using the luggage.

For anyone that has had a handle break on luggage (me, multiple times), you will love the impressive handles on this luggage.  The handles are much thicker and sturdier than most luggage I have dealt with.  The stitching on the handles is really thorough, almost excessive, so you are not going to pull  the handles off this bag, which i have done even with more expensive Samsonite luggage.

The next thing I love about the are the telescoping handles.  The telescoping handle is well built and sturdier than most carry on bags.  The best part is that the handle is much taller than normal, which makes the bag easier to use.  It is also nice that the handle tucks into a zippered pocket if you don’t want to use it.

The wheels are also a highlight of this luggage for me.  They seem to be really well made and are super smooth and very easy to pull

The final thing I want to address are the great high-quality zippers on this luggage.  If you have read my other reviews of my Think Tank gear, you know I love their zippers. They are high-quality and very smooth to operate.

If you need luggage for your photography gear, either for a big trip or because you shoot events, I don’t think you are going to find a better option than the from Think Tank.

and, as of the time of this article, you will get a free gift for using .

If you need to buy from Amazon, you won’t get a free gift, but you can see the current price here.

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